In our blog we cover a wide variety of locations that you can visit as part of our different itineraries. We hope this information will help you find the perfect combination for your stay.

This information, combined with the expertise of our skippers, will get you the sailing holiday of your dreams in the beautiful country of Croatia.

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Island Adventure from Medulin

Experience a worry-free sailing and island hopping adventure in Istria, Croatia. Sailing is easy thanks to our experienced skippers. Enjoy snorkeling in the private bays, explore the nature and soak up the sun.

Big Game Fishing

Just a few miles off the coast of Medulin, Istria you can experience the true, world-class big game tuna fishing experience. Jump on board with the crew of professional fishermen and get ready to catch your biggest bluefin tuna yet! Try your luck with swordfish or smaller types of fish if you are feeling adventurous.

Hook & Cook Festival

The Hook & Cook Festival is a fishing festival unlike any you’ve seen before. Join us in Medulin, Istira for the ultimate mix of big game fishing, gastronomy adventures like tuna burgers, grilled seafood and traditional cuisine with a modern twist, plus local craft beer and live music which together make for an unforgettable experience near the sea.

The Shipyard Pub – Pula

When finishing your yachting cruise in Pula, 50m from the ACI Marina in Pula, located on Pula’s seafront, close by to the amphitheater Arena, The Shipyard Pub is temathic pub, drawing its inspiration from the long lasting history of shipbuilding in Pula. The Shipyard pub offers an amazing summer vibe.


The dappled seas of Unije island in the north of the Adriatic might just be what you need for the relaxing holiday of your dreams. This island has countless different beaches and coves waiting to be explored.


The magical old town of Rovinj is located on the west coast of Istria. This small seaside town is known for its astonishing historical sights, Mediterranean feel, and welcoming locals. Many people are taken away by its inspiring atmosphere created by the merging of the modern world and the wonderful traditional side.


Medulin is a tourism oriented municipality in Istria, Croatia. It is relatively near Pula, the biggest city in this region, and it is known for its beautiful sea, traditional side and interesting activities.

This small town’s welcoming locals take it upon themselves to organize various festivals throughout the year. Music, dancing, cocktails and fun is something that Medulin never lacks.

Mali Losinj

Mali Losinj or “small lošinj” is a town located on the south of the island Lošinj, which is one of the biggest islands of the Adriatic.

With just under 9 thousand residents, Mali Losinj is the biggest island settlement on the adriatic. It is made up of fourteen smaller sections, and its port is very important for nautical tourism.


The island of Levan near Ližnjan is truly a unique and fun place. Not only is it blessed with the Mediterranean crystal blue sea, warm climate and unique shoreline, Levan is also known for its sandy beaches and its food. Amazing place to stop, chill, eat some great food and have drink.

Cape Kamenjak

The Kamenjak Nature Park lays on the southernmost point of the Istrian peninsula. It is in close proximity to the biggest Istrian city – Pula. Nearby there are 11 little islets, the furthest two surrounded by strong current. The perfect spot to find a private place to relax and unwind, or anchor in one of the many beach bars and enjoy your holiday in company and fresh beverages.

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