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Daily yacht sailing cruises in Dubrovnik and the nearby Elafiti islands are an exceptional choice for your holiday stay. Dubrovnik shines with its historical heritage and popularity as a global top tourist destination. Day boat trips to one of the islands in the Elafiti archipelago, northwest of Dubrovnik, make a perfect getaway from the crowded city, with just the three largest, Koločep, Lopud and Šipan, being inhabited. You can see all three in one day.

Dubrovnik is a large old city located on the south-west coast of Croatia. It is known for its well preserved old town, especially the famous walls, wrapped in many legends and stories, that even made it onto the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. The city has a truly rich history. It was a merchant city, and even a republic for a while. It also played a role in many wars, and the defence walls are now a tourist attraction.

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The city’s impressive infrastructure is visible wherever you go. The contrast of the bright red roofs against the white stone houses gives Dubrovnik a fairy-tale like atmosphere as soon as you enter the large marina, and step foot on the lively riva. The combination of old and new, nature and society, makes the city a popular destination for travellers of all sorts.
Dubrovnik is the cultural centre of southern Dalmatia, and its beauty has been praised in prestigious magazines, an inspiration to famous artists and authors, loved by royal families and celebrities, and a location to many famous movies and TV shows, such as Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and Captain America. It is often nicknamed “the Pearl of the Adriatic”.
The Mediterranean climate is perfect for the growth of citrus and palm trees, as well as olives and aromatic plants, that the city has in abundance. The Renaissance style and Mediterranean tradition make the city a trip into history; from the traditional restaurants to the numerous festivals, museums and open air markets. But Dubrovnik has a modern side, too. The store filled alleys, the nightclubs with all kinds of music to party, from jazz to disco, the waterside parties, the caffes, the music and film festivals,… All this attracts young aspiring travellers looking for a good time, and they’re never disappointed.

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At night, the city is shown in a different light – literally, the riva and houses shine in different colours creating a one of a kind site. The cliffs and clear sea surrounding Dubrovnik are a great inspiration for photographers and painters, especially the little hidden bay behind the city, romantically lit with a view of the towers and houses.
You are going to want to take some photos from the cable car, or visit some of the museums (like the National History Museum or the Maritime Museum) and galleries (War Photo Limited), and try the local food and wine in one of the seaside restaurants. If you’re there around the time of the Carnival or Movie Festival, we recommend you check them out.
Dubrovnik is a city you have to take a walk through; the old streets, the walls, and the monuments tell a story of an old town with a new life. The kind of town you’re going to want to come back too, and the kind of town that feels like home.
Dubrovnik is a must see on your Croatia sailing cruise. Book now and live and unforgettable holiday this summer!

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