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Peninsula Pelješac


Pelješac is a lovely peninsula in southern Dalmatia. It is located near the wonderful city of Dubrovnik and with its 350km2, it is the second largest peninsula in all of Croatia.
This large peninsula is known for the breathtaking nature, incredibly clear sea, diverse landmarks and most importantly- delicious food, great wine and good people.
The countless natural beauties of Pelješac are something you don’t want to miss; the idyllic coves, the peaceful hills and magical beaches all make this place perfect for an unforgettable vacation. Peljesac has a number of small towns sprinkled across the peninsula, and they’re all worth seeing. The biggest are Ston and Orebić, which are connected by a road, making it easy to visit both in the same day.

Peninsula Pelješac
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Ston is famous for its historic sights, like the 14th century town wall that takes you all the way up to Mali Ston (“small ston”). While you’re there, you will want to visit the salt works, where you can find out the interesting history of salt production in Ston.
Another interesting sight is the st. Ilija hill which you can hike for a wonderful sight, an adventure, and a bit of light exercise. It would be a crime not to mention the many interesting beaches. From the sunny and sandy Divina to the interesting rocky Kavala beach, everyone can find a beach that meets their standards.
For the history lovers out there, Peljesac, not unlike the rest of Dalmatia, has a story to tell you. Visit the countless old churches, cathedrals, castles and monuments present in every city, and find out the fascinating history of each. Of course, every town also offers irresistible wine and food tastings.

Peninsula Pelješac
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What’s a town without nightlife? Peljesac wouldn’t know. The many beach bars like The Three Palms or K2 serve a variety of cocktails, especially during the summer. If loud music isn’t your thing, you could have a good time at on of the taverns serving local wine, cheese and prosciutto.
From the nature-covered hills descending all the way down to the sea and beautiful beaches; the land and underwater sights are too many to name them all. It is a perfect place for the fun loving and the curious, as well as those just seeking relaxation.

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