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Cape Kamenjak


The Kamenjak park of nature that lays on the southernmost point of the Istrian peninsula. It is in close proximity to the biggest Istrian city – Pula. Nearby there are 11 little islets, the furthest two surrounded by strong current. One of the islets, Porer, holds an old-fashioned lighthouse, but no one lives there any more.
Just a walk away from the cape there’s a safari bar and an old fort, and the rest of the beautiful preserved nature of Premantura. This area is protected, so littering is strictly prohibited!

Cape Kamenjak
Image source: Shutterstock

Kamenjak is likely to impress you with its incredibly clear sea, diverse endangered species, interesting shoreline and impressive underwater. It is also a palaeontological sight, as there were what’s presumed to be about 90 million years old dinosaur footprints found there!

Cape Kamenjak
Image source: Shutterstock

This overall area is perfect for cliff diving into the emerald coloured sea or chilling on a small isolated rocky beach, or maybe exploring the caves and underwater life. Kamenjak is full of natural anomalies, which you can explore after relaxing in the shade of the cliffs or the pine forest.
It is a nice place to go for a walk around the untouched nature, relax, and have a memorable day of adventure and exploring.

Summer is here! Book now and leave your family and friends speechless when visiting the beauties of the Istrian coastline.

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