Live your unforgettable yachting experience in Istria! The Istrian region with its beautiful sea, rich culture, warm people, globally known olive oil and wines, offers the perfect place to relax on your holidays in style. Sport activities and parties in beach bars and clubs will satisfy the needs of the more adrenalin oriented seeking individuals. On the ISTRIA – ONE DAY BOAT TOUR – PULA, CAPE KAMENJAK, LEVAN itinerary, you will visit some of the most magical places on the Croatian adriatic coast. We suggest you set a tone for your visit to the skipper, so that the crew sails with you to the right bays, focusing on parties or privacy and relaxing or both. Depending on your preferences for crowded places full of action or more relaxing spots and hidden beaches, our experienced crew will know how to fine tune your path on this itinerary. See all the locations on your cruise with a short overview of the locations presented below in the list. Feel free to explore each location in detail. We’ve prepared a short read for you for each location.

Day 1


The magical vintage city of Pula is the largest city on the peninsula of Istria. The core of the city is made up of well preserved Roman streets and monuments, as well as stores and restaurants. Upon arrival at the spacious port, you will be greeted by the city’s most famous structure: the roman Arena.


Cape Kamenjak

The Kamenjak Nature Park lays on the southernmost point of the Istrian peninsula. It is in close proximity to the biggest Istrian city – Pula. Nearby there are 11 little islets, the furthest two surrounded by strong current.  The perfect spot to find a private place to relax and unwind, or anchor in one of the many beach bars and enjoy your holiday in company and fresh beverages.



Medulin is a tourism oriented municipality in Istria, Croatia. It is relatively near Pula, the biggest city in this region, and it is known for its beautiful sea, traditional side and interesting activities. This small town’s welcoming locals take it upon themselves to organize various festivals throughout the year. Music, dancing, cocktails and fun is something that Medulin never lacks.



The island of Levan near Ližnjan is truly a unique and fun place. Not only is it blessed with the Mediterranean crystal blue sea, warm climate and unique shoreline, Levan is also known for its sandy beaches and its food. Amazing place to stop, chill, eat some great food and have drink.

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