In case you are in Istria and you would like to discover some of the bigger islands close by, in the Kvarner region, please check this perfect daily cruise that will satisfy your needs. These islands offer a fine balance between untouched nature, private bays to anchor, private beaches to relax and beautiful adriatic ports like Mali Losinj and Cres city. There are many more small inhabited places to visit and explore your gastronomic tastes in. On the KVARNER – ONE DAY BOAT TOUR – PULA, UNIJE, MALI LOSINJ, CRES itinerary, you will visit some of the most magical places on the Croatian adriatic coast. We suggest you set a tone for your visit to the skipper, so that the crew sails with you to the right bays, focusing on parties or privacy and relaxing or both. Depending on your preferences for crowded places full of action or more relaxing spots and hidden beaches, our experienced crew will know how to fine tune your path on this itinerary. See all the locations on your cruise with a short overview of the locations presented below in the list. Feel free to explore each location in detail. We’ve prepared a short read for you for each location.

Day 1


The magical vintage city of Pula is the largest city on the peninsula of Istria. The core of the city is made up of well preserved Roman streets and monuments, as well as stores and restaurants. Upon arrival at the spacious port, you will be greeted by the city’s most famous structure: the roman Arena.



The dappled seas of Unije island in the north of the Adriatic might just be what you need for the relaxing holiday of your dreams. This island has countless different beaches and coves waiting to be explored.


Mali Losinj

Mali Losinj or “small lošinj” is a town located on the south of the island Lošinj, which is one of the biggest islands of the Adriatic. With just under 9 thousand residents, Mali Losinj is the biggest island settlement on the adriatic. It is made up of fourteen smaller sections, and its port is very important for nautical tourism.



Cres is a lovely island in the Northern Adriatic with pebble and cliffy beaches and emerald blue sea. It’s one of the biggest Adriatic islands and has a population of around 3000 year round inhabitants in  a dozen settlements sprinkled throughout the island. A must stop on your island hopping tour.

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