Your daily yachting experience near Split will be an unforgettable one. The Split region being a vibrant tourist destination with a vast archipelago of islands offering a combination of beautiful nature, sea, history, exquisite gastronomy, relaxation and privacy on one hand, and endless sport activities, parties and beach bars to satisfy your wilder side. On the ONE DAY BOAT TOUR BLUE AND GREEN CAVE – ISLAND VIS AND HVAR itinerary, you are in for a treat. An exceptional sailing experience and once in a lifetime holiday memories are guaranteed when visiting these pearls of the adriatic. From magical caves, to crystal clear lagoons, and Stiniva beach which was voted best beach in Europe 2016, you are commiting to a full day of pleasure discovering some of the most beautiful places in whole Croatia. You can learn more about each location below and see what is awaiting you this summer. A perfect daily yachting cruise for you, your family and friends. Summer is coming! Book now!

Day 1


Split is a lovely seaside city on the coast of Croatia. It is located on the eastern shore of the Adriatic on a peninsula, and it is the second largest city in Croatia. It offers all the expected from a large city, such as exquisite gastronomy, bars, party places, rich history and museums, close by beaches and lots of close by islands to explore.

Blue Cave – Bisevo island

The famous Blue Cave of Bisevo island is located in central Dalmatia and it is one of the most famous attractions of the area. The cave is known, as the name tells us, for its piercing blue water gleaming around the walls.

Stiniva Beach at Island Vis

Stiniva beach is a relatively small beach in a bay on the island Vis. It is widely known for its cliffs, forming an unusual opening that gives the beach a mysterious tone, and also day long shade – “Stiniva” meaning rocky. This isolated beach is very popular and it has been declared The 2016 best beach in Europe, according to European Best Destinations.

Blue Lagoon at Budikovac Island

The Blue Lagoon, often referred to as the Turquoise Lagoon, takes up most of the small island of Budikovac. The lagoon is well named; the water there is an unbelievably vibrant shade of blue.

Green Cave at Island Vis

The Green Cave, located on the southern side of the island of Ravnik, near Vis, is not far away from its sister – the Blue Cave. The Green Cave is easily accessible by any vessel and you can enter it freely. It’s also very spacious so it’s easy to swim and dive in it.


The small town of Hvar was named after the Dalmatian island it’s located on; Hvar. It is the island’s main harbour and a popular destination for yachts. It is just across from the neighbouring Pakleni islands known for their sandy beaches. The town has the perfect balance between luxurious and traditional and a popular tourist destination for yacht parties and nature exploring in one.

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