Brač Island

On your way to choosing first class daily and flexible sailing yacht charter in Croatia, we suggest the Split region as one of the top picks on your list. Day boat for hire near Split will get you to Brač in a moment and provide you with an exceptional sailing experience and once in a lifetime holiday memories. The magical island of Brac is located in southern Dalmatia, and it’s Dalmatia’s biggest island, and third in size in the whole Adriatic. The island holds another record in the Adriatic: the tallest island peak – Vidova gora. Brac is separated from land by a canal narrowest at 5, and widest at 13 km – the Brac canal. Proportional to its size, and due to its proximity to the famous city of Split, the island has got a big population spread across the numerous settlements, the main being Supetar town, and even its own rather large airport.

Unlike most of Croatia’s many islands that are isolated and wild, Brac is very much like land in means of civilisation, although successfully preserving the endemic nature and quiet beaches. This makes it the perfect combination for a holiday trip. This island has many interesting unknown facts; for example, this is where the first bubble gum in Europe was produced, and the white stones it’s famous for were used to build the Dioklecian palace in Split as well as the White House in America! Historical findings on the island range from the Palaeolithic, through the Illyrian, to the Roman and Venetian times. This gives you plenty of things to see and get to know the fascinating story of this wonderful island. One of the most visited places on the island is Bol, because of its oddly shaped beach; Zlatni Rat is a fully sand spit surrounded by clean shallow sea, making it paradise for tourists that like to swim and sunbathe.

If you’re looking for a holiday night out, you’ve come to the right place! With Brac’s many yearly film, music and food festivals, and bars, restaurants, nightclubs, wineries, and shops you won’t be bored. This is the perfect place for a memorable and fun holiday. If crowds aren’t your thing, don’t worry! Most of the island is quiet and peaceful, with it’s traditional villages, delicious homemade foods, Mediterranean nature, hidden beaches and unexplored underwater. The sea is clear and relatively shallow, making windsurfing, kitesurfing, paddle surfing, snorkeling, fishing, and sailing very popular activities amongst visitors. Jet skis are also available in case you prefer the motorised approach and fast exploring of the surrounding coast. Recommended by numerous international travelling magazines, Brac is one of those places you’re guaranteed to fall in love with. Its combination of nature and civilisation makes it a desirable destination and a must see for travellers of all sorts and ages. Don’t miss Brač on your island hopping cruise. Book now, we guarantee you are going to love it!

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