An amazing place to visit on your daily cruise in Istria. The Brioni islands are a national park located in the Mediterranean sea, near the West coast of Istria. They are made up of 14 islands and islets with preserved nature and history of the area. These islands contain monuments from the pre-Roman times all the way to the 16th century, and at some parts, you can even see the traces of real dinosaurs! There are over 200 footprints of this fascinating reptiles that you can follow. You can also visit numerous museums that display photos, archaeological findings, or even taxidermied animals. Furthermore, you can visit the villa of the widely-known Yugoslavian president Tito, or admire the beautiful old frescos on the walls of the church of st. Rocco.

If you love spending time in nature, you might enjoy getting some fresh air during a walk around the wonderful parks with rare flora and fauna at your fingertips, perfect for exploration or photography, or maybe visiting the safari with animals from all around the globe like giraffes, elephants, zebras and others. You can attempt a conversation with the beloved mascot, Coco the cockatoo, that has learned many foreign words from travellers, and even try to teach him some  of your own language! On the other hand, for the more sporty people, there’s an 18-hole golf court where you can play among deer, peacocks, and other animals for a truly unique golfing experience, and 4 tennis courts, for which you can rent an instructor if you wish. Alongside that, you can rent an electric bike or car for a recreational and environmental-friendly tour of the main island.

The prestigious restaurants serve delicious Mediterranean specialties and wine from the spacious vineyards that was historically popular all over Europe, that you can taste while enjoying the soothing smell of the sea. The islands often host various shows, concerts and other events. Most of these features are located on the island of Veli Brion, but with permission, you can explore some of the smaller islands too. While you’re there, you should definitely visit the nearby city of Pula, that is with its historical, architectural and social aspects the perfect place for field trips, shopping or nights out. Of course, you need to get permission to come with your own vessel which can be organised by our team.  When you arrive at the main dock, you will be greeted with lovely sights of nature, hotels, stores and restaurants, all glowing with a historical vibe; this is  truly a place to make memories. After you check in, there will be staff there to welcome you and make sure you have everything you need for a nice stay. They will organise little trips to explore the island, and arrange visits to the golf courts or museums, along with meals in the sunset. If you need any information about the surrounding islands, they’re there. We hope you have a wonderful adventure! Summer is around the corner, book your daily yacht cruise for your family and friends now! With ❤️ Yacht4Day Team

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