The island of Levan near Ližnjan is truly a unique and fun place. Not only is it blessed with the Mediterranean crystal blue sea, warm climate and unique shoreline, Levan is also known for its sandy beaches and its food. This is an amazing place to stop, chill, eat some great food and have some drinks.

After you’ve arrived, you can have an amazing meal, either traditional or modern, and then go off exploring the beaches and nature of the island, swim, tan, float, dive or just chill in the shadows with some wine.

Once you’re in the mood, it’s an absolute necessity to visit the islands main asset: the Marea beach bar and restaurant (that also does weddings). It’s great for an adventitious stop by while visiting Liznjan and Medulin, or as a planned destination for a fun day of relaxing views, snorkeling or swimming, good food and drinks. Summer is here! Book now and leave your family and friends speechless when visiting the beauties of the Istrian islands and atmosphere. With ❤️ Yacht4Day Team

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