The magical old town of Rovinj is located on the west coast of Istria. This small seaside town is known for its astonishing historical sights, Mediterranean feel, and welcoming locals. Many people are taken away by its inspiring atmosphere created by the merging of the modern world and the wonderful traditional side. Rovinj’s streets and beaches are often an inspiration to photographers, poets and artists. The well preserved town core, with its Roman architecture, flower decorated windowsills, beautiful port, and houses reaching right above the water, is truly a sight you don’t want to miss.

Another unique and breath taking experience is watching the golden sunset  from the hilltop church of st. Euphemia, which is equally beautiful in every season. Other than having prestigious art galleries and museums, this usually peaceful town knows how to party. With its many festivals, and rich night life, Rovinj attracts young tourists from all around the world. After the relaxing sightseeing during the day, you get to see the town in a whole new light. You can hit the parties, the cocktail bars and nightclubs, or just explore the streets under the stars. If you’re there around the end of august, you can be part of the most famous festival in town: the Night of Rovinj. This is an event where the locals and tourists get together to celebrate the heritage of the town with music, wine, and good food. Rovinj also hosts other festivals and events, like the Etno film festival, and various music festivals throughout the year.

If you’d like to know about the history of Rovinj, you can visit one of the many interesting museums, like Casa Della Batana, which is all about boats, or the Rovinj heritage museum, that gives you a view on the overall history of the town. Likewise, you will want to see the town clock in the main square above the traditional Venetian lion. You should also visit the nearby island of st. Andrija, or “Red island”, known for its sandy beaches. Rovinj is definitely a must see if you’re in Istria. Upon experiencing its welcoming atmosphere, amazing food, and breath taking sights, you are almost guaranteed to fall in love with it. It is certainly one of those places you always want to go back to. Summer is here! Book now and leave your family and friends speechless when visiting the beauties of Istrian region and atmosphere. With ❤️ Yacht4Day Team

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