Stiniva Beach at Island Vis

The iconic beach Stiniva on the island of Vis is beauty of nature to check on your Croatia yachting cruise. Feel free to consult your skipper about anchoring on the outskirts of the beach and swim to the rocky closed section of the beach and relax there for a moment with a fresh drink from the local beach bar. Stiniva beach is a relatively small beach in a bay on the island Vis. It is widely known for its cliffs, forming an unusual opening that gives the beach a mysterious tone, and also day long shade – “Stiniva” meaning rocky. This isolated beach is very popular amongst cliff divers, but also travellers of all sorts. Its hidden location makes the experience almost movie like, and its interesting shape, white pebble, clear blue water and incredibly photogenic nature have declared it the 2016 best beach in Europe, according to “European Best Destinations.” [LINK:]

The beach itself is only accessible by land or small vessels, that can fit through the gap between the cliffs, that appears to be a gigantic stone door. It’s easy to anchor nearby and walk or swim to it, though. Another special experience is the sunset – watching the Sun disappear behind the water, in between the cliffs, is definitely a one of a kind sight not many people get to witness.                                                                                Around the beach there is a number of interestingly shaped caves, and a wonderful underwater worth exploring, and not far there’s the popular and majestic Green cave.

Vis is the furthest Croatian inhabited island, and its vintage style of villages, amazingly preserved nature and breathtaking sights, make it a truly perfect getaway far from the modern world. Its hills are perfect for hiking, its cliffs for diving, and its pebble beaches for relaxation. It a place for the curious, the explorers, and the fun-loving to enjoy the unique nature of the Adriatic, and make unforgettable experiences worth telling. To witness the beauty no image is capable of capturing, and fall in love with the inviting and calm atmosphere of the Mediterranean. We said it all, Stiniva is eager to get to know you. Summer is coming soon! Book now and lets tailor your perfect unique itinerary based on your personal preferences.

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